At Pegatin, we make professional stickers comprising your name and flag, for your bike, helmet and other sporting equipment. Our stickers are top quality, and that's why they're used by over 50,000 cyclists and other athletes from around the globe. 

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Have you ever watched Formula 1? Or the Tour de France? Or the mountain bike World Championship? Or Felix's super sonic skydive from space? If so, you may have noticed that top athletes wear a special type of custom sticker that displays shows who they are, and where they come from.

That's what we offer at Pegatin. You too can get your very own professional custom road and mountain bike stickers, decals and vinyls, personalised with your name and flag. Not only do they look great on your bicycle frame, but also other gear such as your helmet, bike box and anything else you wish to tag. We guarantee all of our products for one year - this means that we replace them free if you have any issues at all.

Pegatin is owned by Five Fingers Company Ltd (8361782), registered in Exeter, England. It was founded in January 2013 by a team who are passionate about building great products for the web and for real life.

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