How can Pegatin Training improve your cycling?

Not so long ago, Pegatin decided to take action and help people in what we love most: cycling. We know that being professional cyclists, things aren’t so easy, and that’s totally ok. People must prepare themselves as much as possible if they want to be near the Elite, or even part of it, who knows. That’s our main goal in Pegatin Training.

So, today we will talk about something important here. With our new program, Pegatin Training, we will help people become a better version of themselves, and therefore, we will talk today about how they can improve their cycling with us. Get ready and prepare for the race here!

What are the benefits someone can get with Pegatin Training?

In case you haven’t heard much about the Pegatin Training program, we will refresh your memory a bit. This is a program that Pegatin Team has been working on for a while, and we want to help others too.

For now, there are three different plans people can access to. Each one is focused on a different training routine, and each one will give people different results, so it’s important to choose wisely.

But, what are the overall benefits people can get with us? Here’s a small list that we will explain better later on.

  • Preparation for Gran Fondo races.
  • Accessibility to use the plan you paid for whenever you want.
  • Improvement in your physical condition.
  • Plans are compatible with the Zwift platform.

This is only the beginning, and there is more of what people can enjoy using these plans. Now, let’s get into how Pegatin Training can really improve your cycling skills.

Improvement in only four weeks

Do you think improving your cycling skills in 4 weeks is not possible? Well, think about it again. Here in Pegatin Training, our main goal is to give people access to routines that can make an impact in a short amount of time.

As our professionals guide people participating in our programs, we have designed short programs that hugely impact people’s bodies. Therefore, four weeks is more than enough for some people to see results.

If you think you need more than four weeks to see results, there’s no need to worry about that. As there are different plans, people can go from one to the other, so if you started with the Basic, then you can go ahead and try how you can perform with the Pro plan.

Your physical condition will overall improve

We do know that we said this before, but let’s talk about how your body will react in 4 weeks of training. If you aren’t used to exercising a lot, this can be a bit hard for you to achieve, and probably the first lessons will be a bit hard for people to complete.

But there’s no need to worry about that. The first week might be hard, but changes will come in the second one; your lungs will work better, your muscles will hurt less, and you can even try to go outside and prove how much you have improved.

There are also some other improvements here; for example, laziness will not be there as much as before, which is great. And, you will surely start liking going on long rides more frequently.

You can start participating in cycling races

This is surely the best thing about the training we will give. As soon as you get the chance to finish one of our training sessions, you will be able to participate in different races out there. As we said before, our preparation is mostly for people who want to participate in Gran Fondo races, but that’s not the limit.

People can also participate in local races if they think they need more preparation, which is great. But that’s something people will only tell if they are capable of completing once they have completed a training session.

How can I schedule an appointment with Pegatin Training?

As our training sessions are based on the Training Peaks platform, it is required for people to schedule their appointment through that platform. The process can be completed within minutes, which is the best.

So, what are you waiting to get your best physical form for a cycling session?