Volta Ao Algarve: A special ocassion in Portugal

Have you heard about the Volta Ao Algarve? This is one of the most iconic races taking place in the Algarve. For those who don’t know exactly where the Algarve is or how this race takes place, then you came to the right place today.

Today we will be talking about everything people must know about the Volta Ao Algarve and how they can prepare for the race. So, in case you are planning to visit the Algarve any time soon, this will be pretty interesting for you.

What kind of race is the Volta Ao Algarve?

Each race we can find around the world has its own way of working. Some of these races take place around the mountains, others through cities, and so on. In this particular case, this race takes place in most parts of the Algarve region.

Nowadays, the Volta Ao Algarve has become more and more famous around the cycling world. A few years ago, this race wasn’t so important but it has been increasing its popularity since 2017 and it’s kept growing and growing year after year.

Something to consider here is the fact that since 2020, the Volta Ao Algarve is now part of the UCI ProSeries. To be more exact, this race is part of category 2.Pro, which has also made it more important throughout the years.

When did the Volta Ao Algarve begin?

The Volta Ao Algarve is not a new race, it’s been happening for quite some time now. It is far from being the oldest race in the cycling world, but it has become one of the more famous races in the last years.

To be more exact, this race officially began in 1960. Back then, the race took place every two years, but in 1976 the race was officially set to be disputed every year in the Algarve Region.

As we mentioned before, the Volta Ao Algarve is now part of the UCI ProSeries, but there’s also another important thing to mention here. Back in 2005, the Volta Ao Algarve was part of the UCI Europe Tour, in category 2, and has been moving forward to what we see nowadays.

Why has the Volta Ao Algarve become more famous recently?

We can tell the Volta has been quite famous for quite some time now. Back in the days when the first edition of the race took place, things were a lot different as not many famous cyclists participate in it.

But, once the race started to take part in the UCI races, its popularity quickly grew up around the world. Cyclists from all over the world wanted to give it a try as the five-stage race, and some of them have had the chance in the past.

But, the main reason why it actually become more famous in the last few years is due to the fact that many of the cyclists participating in this race are preparing themselves for the spring races. 

So, it is fair to say that in the upcoming years this race will surely become even more important for the cycling world.

How can I visit the Algarve and meet its cycling routes?

In case you think that maybe trying to participate in the Volta right now it’s not the thing for you, there’s no need to worry about it. Here in Pegatin, we have everything covered for people who want to visit this magic region in Portugal.

Thanks to our side project known as Cycling Algarve, we can give cyclists from all around the world the chance to visit this beautiful place! So, meeting those cycling routes where the Volta Ao Algarve takes place is not so difficult, to be honest.

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