Pinarello: An Italian company with over 68 years of history

If there’s something that cyclists love if the fact that there are different bike companies out there. But, some of those companies are the best of the best, such as the example of Pinarello.

The Italian company named Pinarello has been around for more than 50 years and so far, they have left a mark on the cycling history. That can be denied, and today we will talk more about them, and their impact on the cycling world.

The history behind Pinarello: Their first years

Just like many other Italian companies out there, Pinarello started as a dream. The man who had the idea of making the company was named Giovani Pinarello, who was part of a huge family with over 12 brothers.

The dream of Giovani started when he has young, he was only 15 when he began to make bicycles at Paglianti. But that was not what he wanted.

Giovani worked hard and practiced a lot too, he became a professional cyclist when he was 25, back in 1947. And once his career started, after 6 years, the Pinarello company became true.

The company is 68 years old nowadays, and they are still making amazing bikes even though Giovani Pinarello passed away in 2014. But, it’s not the right time to be sad, let’s take a look at the masterpieces the company has created. 


Historical models created by Pinarello since 1963

With over 50 years behind their backs, it is fair to say that Pinarello has worked a lot to create bikes that will supply cyclists’ needs. And they have truly worked a lot to make that possible.

Nowadays, the company still has an important spot in the cycling world, but let’s see how things were back in the day.

One of the first and most used models designed by Pinarello was the Pinarello Montello SLX which helped the company to achieve their first major pro victories in the cycling world. The first time that people saw this model was back in the ’80s where the bike helped some cyclists to achieve major wins in races such as the Giro d’Itaia, La Vuelta a España, and some stages of the Tour de France.

But, obviously, the company needed to improve more and more. That’s why after some years, the company released the Pinarello Treviso. Most people saw it as quite similar to the Montello SLX, but there were some major changes that made the Treviso better than the Montello.

And, after the success of the Treviso, they worked even harder in order to stay on the elite. The company couldn’t stay still waiting for something to happen. So they put a lot of effort to release the Banesto Line.

The Banesto Line from Pinarello was released in 1993 after Miguel Indurain won three races from UCI. Pinarello decided to create a bike that was designed to fulfill the preferences of Indurain, and they made it possible.

Pinarello was evolving faster and faster with their bikes. The models changed, the way they ensembled them changed, the frame, and even the materials used changed too. 

These changes later lead to the development of the Pinarello Paris, a 7005 series that was made of aluminum and an aria carbon fork. The Pinarello Paris won the 2007 Editor’s Choice for the best road racing bicycle, which is a pretty huge award, but it was more than worth it.

Current bicycle models created by the company after their success

Pinarello could not only settle down with the historical models that led them to fame. The company tries, year after year, to change the bike markets by delivering new models for cyclists around the world.

Let’s see some of the newest models that Pinarello has designed in the last few years.

  • GAN Series: The GAN Series is quite similar to the Dogma Series. But, it’s a bit less powerful than the Dogma. Don’t get us wrong, the GAN Series will surely provide cyclists with what they need.
  • Dogma Series: The Dogma will go through Pinarello history as one of their historical models. With the addition of the Dogma F12, they earned a well-deserved spot among the best bicycles companies in the world, and so far, the Dogma Series is the flagship of the company.

Will Pinarello be present in the following years in the cycling industry?

A company with over 60 years of history will not let go of what they have built with so much effort so easily. We can be sure that in the future, Pinarello will continue to surprise us. It’s a matter of time until they create another powerful bicycle that will rule over the cycling world.

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