Should you wear gloves while pedaling?

Bicycle gloves have a variety of advantages. From something as basic as ensuring your comfort to something crucial like safeguarding you from long-term health issues, everything is in your hands. Even though it may not seem like it at first, buying a pair is worthwhile if you ride your bike frequently. To protect your hands … Read more.

Triathlon Running Hat

For a triathlon race, it is essential to stay cool, especially during those hot summer races or under the sun. A simple running cap or visor will protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays and help you focus on the run. There are several factors to consider before choosing a running cap. Lightweight materials … Read more.

Triathlon Swim cap

A swim hat is an essential part of the equipment whether you’re preparing for a triathlon, a swim event, or just utilizing swimming as cross-training like an Olympic marathoner. They are a helpful tool if you want to cut your time as short as possible because they make sure you stay optimum and help reduce … Read more.

Triatlhon Bikes: Top 10 Bikes

10 Best triathlon bikes 2022

Triathlon Bikes are those models that are designed to last longer than a regular road bikes. 2022 is a promising year for Triathlon Bikes, and we are going to know why. Top three on our list Madone SRL 6 Disc Speed Canyon Speedmax Cervélo P5 Dura ACE DI2 Triathlon bike brands In this article we … Read more.

Bianchi Aquila CV

Bianchi Aquila CV: A bike designed for Pro’s

In case you are wondering if there’s a bike that was designed for pro cyclists, chances are that you are looking for the Bianchi Aquila CV. It might be enough of the Specialized, Berria, and even Canyon bikes, so it’s time to see a new bet from a different company. The Bianchi Aquila CV is … Read more.

Boardman ATT 9

Boardman ATT 9.0: Perfect to level up your performance

In case you need to level up your performance, you should be looking for a powerful bike that will take you through all the roads that you can imagine. The Boardman ATT 9.0 is the perfect example of that, as the bike was perfectly designed to fulfill the needs of different cyclists. The pursuit of … Read more.

E-117 Tri Disc

E-117 Tri Disc: Will Argon 18 surprise us?

As cyclists, we are quite used to seeing the same company names year after year. We do know that Specialized, Canyon, Berria, among others, always try to get the best bike on the market. But, there are some surprises on the way. That’s something that we can see with the E-117 Tri-Disc. Created by Argon … Read more.

Orbea Ordu M10iLTD

Ordu M10iLTD: A worthy competitor for 2021 bikes

It is fair to say that we get to see different models in the cycling world as years pass by. Companies always try to do their best to make something that feels perfect, and that’s important. Thanks to that commitment, we get to see bikes such as the Orbea Ordu M10iLTD.  The chances are that … Read more.

Liv Avow Advanced Pro 1

Liv Avow Advanced Pro 1: Designed for women

Companies truly focus on giving people what they need. Cyclists are always looking for that bike that will let them get their dreamed performance. There are different bikes that might suit their needs, but some of them are truly remarkable. Such is the case of the Liv Avow Advanced Pro 1. You might have heard … Read more.

P5 Dura-Ace Di2

P5 Dura-Ace Di2: Cérvelo working with Shimano again!

Even though we don’t get to see much of Cervélo compared to other companies such as Specialized, Canyon, Giant, among others, they are still there. The company still works as much as they can, and that’s how they manage to create models like the Cervélo P5 Dura-Ace Di2.  It might surprise a lot of people, … Read more.