Colnago V3Rs

The bike that has it all

After the Italian brand has launched the V1-r thanks to the contribution of Ferrari, they balanced its qualities in competitive demand with low weight and aerodynamics. The even-improved V2-r appeared. We present to you the best version of the Colnago’s Bike. The new V3Rs that has it all add the fabulous direct mount-brakes and keeping the same weight.

colnagos bike V3Rs frame

Colnago V3Rs is considered one of the best bicycles in the world. It has a greater capacity to absorb vertical impacts and brings together the best of its older versions. It is all made of carbon fiber. For all this Colnago V3Rs is named as the safest bicycle in the world. for The weight of the frame was reduced to 780 grams for a 50 centimeter disc frame thanks to its shorter head tube, lower rear fork and a better balance in the eight size options. Showing as well compatibility with tires up to 28C, which increases comfort final.

If the V1-r and V2-r were incredible the V3Rs are truly incomparable, the best technology from the Colnago brand.

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A bycicle for the true winners

Adaptable to any type of situation on the track, suitable for sprinting, climbing, in addition to its aerodynamics and stiffness, it shows the success of the bike. It was on this cycle that Tadej Pogacar won the 2020 Tour de France.

In that competition Colnago became an unsurpassed coveted brand in the cycling world. The saddle clamp has a smaller design, to reduce its weight and increase its functionality, strength and safety. The Colnago V3Rs bicycle is available in a conventional brake version and also as a disc brake version, in various colors to choose from and in 8 sizes, from 42 to 58.

Now let’s look at his improvement and evolution part by part:

Colnago's Bike V3Rs


Retaining some details of its predecessors, the new design of the V3Rs has been wanted to align to new standards affirmed in recent years. Now has the ability to accommodate tires up to 28 inches.

Geometric structure

The head tube has changed and is now much shorter and the fork is longer, this gives the cycle more balance in the 8 size variations. The height of the bottom bracket has also been changed, it is now lower so effectively improves the handling of the bike with larger tires.

Carbon fiber

The V3Rs and its new weight of just 790 grams makes it the most comfortable and practical bike on the market. By significantly increasing the stiffness of the weight to lateral flexion it clearly shows its competive qualities.


The weight of the fork has also varied as it was considerably reduced compared to its previous version. It weighs just 390 grams, TFS integrated steerer thread included.. The new shape with concave chainstays in the upper part of the front sight optimizes the passage of the wheels allowing the use of wide tires and also with comfort and lateral stiffness. The frame is extremely clean and technically more aerodynamic.

Seatpost closure

Much of the effort has been concentrated in this area of ​​the frame, both to reduce the overall weight of the locking system and to increase its functionality, power and safety. Therefore, the new locking system is smaller compared to the V2-r and allows more modulation in the tightening.

Without a doubt Colnago has created a new bicycle that will revolutionize the market in the coming months, and will enhance the discipline. Very soon we will see how the great stars of cycling will begin using V3Rs and this will improve the pace of competition.

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Get your pack now for 20% off using the code: BLOG20