Wilier Triestina: The perfect way to say “Long live Italy!”

When talking about cycling, we can’t miss the chance to mention some of the most important companies out there. We have already talked about companies such as Cervélo, Bianchi, Colnago, and Pinarello, but now it’s time to talk about Wilier Triestina.

The Elite of the bicycles couldn’t be completed without mentioning the Italian company that has stolen the admiration of so many people in the world. And, that’s why we’ll talk about it.

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Wilier Triestina history: A company born in the XX century

Something that is worth mentioning is the fact that most of the companies out there making bicycles are quite old. Except for one, which is Cervélo. But that’s something that helped us to see how new generations can also get an important spot among the Elite.

Wilier Triestina is somehow similar to other companies. They started in a modest workshop near San Fortunato. Pietro Dal Molin was the one who had the idea to create the company. And, it was during 1906, that his dream became true.

Something funny about the company is how the name became a thing. Pietro had the idea to use the phrase “W l’Italia liberata e redenta”. Which actually works as an acronym for the name Wilier Triestina. To get to know more about the phrase we need to mention that the W stands for “Viva!” (Long live Italy, liberated and redeemed). 

The name “Triestina” came from the city in which the company was founded, Trieste. After the foundation, it took some time after the company start giving its first huge steps in the industry. But eventually, they achieved them, and since then, they haven’t stopped.

It wasn’t until the late 40’s when the company started to win some recognition among famous cyclists. During the 1948 Giro d’Italia, Fiorenzo Magni raced with a Wilier bike, and he also did it during 1949 and 1950 when he participated in the Tour of Flanders. In the three competitions, Fiorenzo won first place, and that helped Wilier a lot.

After those historic dates for Wilier, more success eventually came for the company. Years passed by and other cyclists started to being sponsored by them, and thanks to that, they became part of the Elite in the cycling world.

Wilier Triestina:

Teams and cyclists sponsored by Wilier Triestina 

A company with so much history would obviously have some important cyclists and teams under their wings. We already mentioned one of them, Fiorenzo Magni, who was one of the most important cyclists during the years of 1948 to 1950 for the company.

But, as time passed by, the company also got the chance to sponsor other important cyclists around the world. During the 1997 Tour de France, they were working alongside Marco Pantani, also, Alessandro Ballan and Damiano Cunego. 

These last two cyclists are remembered as they somehow helped Wilier to achieve the apotheosis of their career. It was during 2008 when Alessandro Ballan won the World Championship in Varese using one of the most iconic Wilier bikes: a Cento1. But, we can’t forget that Damiano Cunego ended in second place.

There are also other important names on the list that are worth mentioning when talking about sponsored cyclists by Wilier Triestina. We can’t miss Alessandro Petacchi, Michele Scarponi, and, we have to mention some of the teams that have worked with Wiler as well. 

In the last few years, Direct Énergie and Astana Pro Team were the ones sponsored by Wilier. But, there have been more teams throughout the history of the company

Wilier Triestina company

How does the future seem for Wilier Triestina?

What can we tell about a company with over 115 years of existence? They have proven that they got what it takes to be part of the Elite when it comes to cycling. 

The golden years, for a lot of people, are already long gone. But, the company is still going and they truly focus on giving bicycles that are worth riding, Thanks to their partnership with Direct Énergie and Astana Pro Team, they have to work harder and harder.

And thanks to that hard work is that we can tell that in the upcoming years, Wilier Triestina will eventually become an even more important company. 

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