Santa Cruz Hightower: Megatower younger brother

When talking about Santa Cruz, we do know that quality will be present. The company has been present for quite some time now and has provided cyclists with amazing bikes. Therefore, we get the chance to see new models each year, and during 2021, they surprised us with the Santa Cruz Hightower. Let’s get to meet it!

From Megatower to the Hightower

Santa Cruz is one of those companies that have given people the chance to dream with quality bikes. With the inclusion of the Megatower, an older bike we got the chance to see how amazing it was.

Thanks to the success of the Megatower, the company decided to stick with a similar model for the upcoming bikes that they were planning to build. That’s how the Hightower become a thing

But, the Hightower is not the same as the Megatower. The new model is more potent than other bikes that the company created in the past. Santa Cruz put a lot of effort to make this possible.

The Hightower is designed to let everyone who rides on it mop all the bumps that are in the way. And, the Hightower frame is just as powerful as someone could expect

Thanks to this, and also, thanks to the amazing components they added to the bike, which, by the way, change depending on the model you choose, are powerful enough to fulfill people’s expectations. But, let’s get into the details that truly matter, as these details are not so important and people might be wondering more about what the Hightower has on it.

Santa Cruz Hightower

Hightower components: SRAM all over the way

Something that we are not so used to seeing is that companies create the same bike but with different specifications. This is something that Santa Cruz has tried to do with the Hightower.

In case you are looking forward to getting one, you will see that there are different “kits”, as they call it, that you can choose. Each one of them has different components, but all of them are provided by SRAM.

In this quick review, we will talk about the Hightower Kit R. Let’s see what we can get off this bike.

  • Rear Derailleur: SRAM NX Eagle, 12spd
  • Shifters: SRAM NX Eagle, 12spd
  • Crankset: SRAM NX Eagle, 12spd
  • Cassette: SRAM Descendant Eagle DUB 30t
  • Chain: SRAM PG1230, 12spd, 11-50t
  • Bottom Bracket: SRAM DUB 68/73mm
  • Brakes: SRAM G2 R

Also, there’s something left that we did not mention before. The Hightower has some FOX components too. But they are way less than the SRAM components we can see, but it’s worth mentioning the fact that Santa Cruz worried about creating a bike that was powerful enough for their clients.

Santa Cruz Hightower

Carbon C Frame: Santa Cruz addition to the Kit R Hightower

The frame is always important. No matter how good the components are, the frame is always a key factor for a powerful bike. Most of the companies out there are aware of that, so they seek to give cyclists what they need.

That’s why the Hightower added a Carbon C frame, one of the most important frames a company could add to their bikes. Thanks to it, basically we can find the balance the bike needed for the components to properly work, allowing cyclists to reach their wished performance.

Santa Cruz Hightower

SRAM, Carbon C, and more: Could we ask for more in the Santa Cruz Hightower?

As we can see, the Santa Cruz Hightower is the dreamt bike for a lot of cyclists. Powerful components, a quite impressive carbon frame, and some FOX pieces give the final touch to it. So, are you ready to try it and find out how powerful it is?

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