E-Bike: All you need to know before buying one

The E-Bike definition is kind of new for many people around the world. On the other hand, traditional bikes are always a safe bet for most users, but as technology keeps gaining terrain, e-bikes start to be on many people’s sight all over the world.

But as always, with the arrival of something new, there also some doubts about it. This issue is happening with e-bikes, but we are here to tell you everything you need to know about them, and we will also tell you why you need one for yourself!

What’s the main difference between a traditional Bike and an E-Bike?

We all know that using a traditional bike can be hard to manage, mostly if you don’t work out too often. We love to take our bike on a trip just for the sake of driving around new places, even if that means we must work out more than we were expecting.

On the other hand, people who use e-bikes have the chance of enjoying the same streets, the same views, and the same adventures but without working out way too hard.

E-Bike: All you need to know before buying one

And that’s the main difference between both bikes: One of them makes you work out without getting any help on the process, but the e-bikes are known for making things easier for people at the moment of driving. 

On resume, e-bikes have a system that helps people by giving pedaling assistance. This assistance can change depending on the model of e-bike we have, so you must watch out for this. 

But beware, e-bikes are also useful for people who want to get better results when training. Even though people may look at it and think that it is designed for vague people, it’s not. Professional cyclists tend to use these bikes to optimize their results thanks to their assistance, which allows them to practice their technique on a traditional bicycle.

How do E-bike work?

The first thing you must know about e-bikes is that is has a battery included on the bi’s main structure. 

As long as the battery is charged, people are allowed to use the main functions of the e-bike. These kinds of bikes come with up to five different assistance modes. The first one is known for being more user-friendly because it helps people to make pedaling easier.

The other modes are used mainly by people who are looking for maximum work out in less time. These modes are known as tour, turbo, and power, based on the e-bike model. 

E-Bike: All you need to know before buying one

Now that you know this, once you get your new e-bike, you will need to keep it charged to assure that your battery will last as long as possible. 

How long does e-bikes battery last?

E-bikes are not different from other electric gadgets: the battery will last depending on how you use it. It’s similar to a cellphone; if you use it way too much or play all day long, the battery will last less, but the difference with e-bikes is that we need to take other things into account to know how much will our battery last:

  • User weight: The more the person weighs, the less the battery will last.
  • Route: The route directly affects battery life; the unevenness is why users will need to use the e-bike even more.
  • Assistance mode: You might think that all the modes work the same way, but the truth is that they have a different impact on the battery life.
  • Hours of usage: The more you use the e-bike, the faster you will need to charge it; an average journey is about 40km to 120km; if you use more than that, the battery will discharge way faster.
E-Bike: All you need to know before buying one

It is essential to say that people can get up to 10.000km before needing to change the battery, but remember: Don’t let it fully discharge; if it happens, your battery lifespan will drop down a lot.

How do I charge an e-bike battery?

The e-bikes batteries are attached to the main structure, so they designed it with integrated ports that will let you charge it no matter where you go.

Should I buy an e-bike or a traditional bike?

Both choices are great! But we have to say that the e-bike has the advantage over a traditional bike for some reasons. Those reason that will lead users to decide to get an e-bike.

For professionals cyclists, as we said, they will have the chance to have better performance and technique. This is the perfect fit for occasional users, thanks to the assistance modes that will make it easier for you to work out.

And last but not least, this is the perfect match for people who have spent many years without riding on a bike; it is the ideal way to start again!

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