Steps to be a PRO in the sport

As time goes by, each day you explore things that forge your discipline. You wonder which are the steps to follow to be a pro in the sport, what you should do to improve day by day, the results are the secrets to develop your passion for the sport. As you go a little further, you realize that it is not something you can learn in a day or two, it takes a long time.

What you should do is set small short-term goals, where you will notice how you progress towards the experience. It is not enough to want to do it. You must commit to sweating, getting tired, and even crying. The important thing is to know that each time you advance, you will be a step closer to achieving the goal you set for yourself.

The essential thing is to be motivated to be a PRO in the sport

Each day that passes you feel more desire to do it, that each hour that passes on the track you concentrate more. This way the ground will be gained and you will be able to prove to yourself what you are made of.

That is why wants to give you some guidelines that will help you on this arduous path. Read carefully and follow each of the steps we give you to become a true professional in the sport. 

Prepare your body to be a pro

If you want to be a PRO in the sport you have to pedal a lot, at least do 20 kilometers per day 6 days a week. If it rains or it is very cold, we recommend you to go to the gym or do some home routine, but do not stop moving. Normally a PRO training lasts 4 to 6 hours and includes two 60-minute strength sessions, 2 times a week, especially focused on the legs and Core.

Another of the secrets is your diet, you must eat well to train well, remember that your diet should be rich in fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and protein. As a result, you should also increase your power. Try to climb hills or mountains at any time no matter how tired you are. Just add resistance to your cycling sessions and use a heart rate monitor so you can set goals.

Actively participate in the community

We invite you to consult and memorize the rules of the UCI, the entity that organizes the largest number of PRO competitions before participating in any race, you will know what is allowed and what is not. The faster you start, the better. Try to join a team on your block, neighborhood, municipality, or city. This will connect you, make your name known, and help you physically. If you do something in a group mode, your motivation will increase considerably. It is about being at the right time, you can also join a club. Ask in forums or blogs on the internet. Try to date riders better than you. Going out to pedal with them will make you work harder every day and will help you increase your strength and skills in the discipline.

Improve your technique

The best way to improve your technique is through a good coach. If you have one, you can develop your endurance, speed and also improve your technique in competitions. He will also advise you on nutrition and on which equipment is best for you to enter. Before each race, ask him what you can improve in terms of technical equipment or physical resistance, if you have the opportunity, check the track beforehand to know the challenge you face.

So learn about PROs as much as you can, study them to learn how they eat, what they train, and what strategies they use in races. You will see that they are all handled by different patterns. Take note of the techniques that may work for you. Don’t forget to practice key skills like descents and corners, mastering key skills can win races. Focus your training on the type of test that suits you best, a coach can help you differentiate yourself a lot from others. You can specialize in time trials, criteria, stage races, XC, Down Hill, trial and free ride.

Power meter

The power meter is the most used tool in recent years. Is used to improve the quality of our training. With it, the work can be done with much more precision than any other measuring device, especially when there is a lot of difference in those short work of High intensity. So, the more information and data we have about our training and our recovery, you will be able to overcome yourself much faster.

Weight training

To accelerate you will need to do more than just ride a bike. Since energy is delivered from the core, you should include an off-bike exercise regimen in your weekly training sessions to gain strength in areas where pedaling movement, core exercises, and training are not developed. Weights will help you exercise your upper and lower body and will also help you climb, reduce pain, and prevent bicycle injuries.

Take a rest

On the bike, the professionals are tough all the time, but outside of it, they take it easy, taking a nap in the afternoon and staying relaxed helps you recover faster and feel fresher when another day of cycling arrives on the road. 6 to 8 hours is enough for the general public, but for professionals, it is not enough. So, when you expend so much energy on the bike, not getting enough sleep can cause fatigue. When you start to increase your training keep in mind that you should also increase the number of hours you sleep per night, consider 8 as a minimum or something closer to 10 hours during the most difficult training blocks.

Customize your bike like a pro

To start empowering yourself once and for all in the discipline, the important thing is to feel and look like a true expert in the field, being a PRO. How do you do it? Simple… You must have adequate equipment, not necessarily the most expensive, but one that is safe, comfortable and reliable. Some of the best riders in the world have succeeded in impressing their bike with a unique style that has helped to forge that charisma and character that is needed on the track. Also, you must identify yourself, your bicycle is unique just like you, so make it yours, mark it with your name, the flag of your country or the shield of your favorite cycling team.

In this way, you will be taking one more step to become a professional. So don’t wait any longer, start with the right foot. Get your Sticker here and get ready to complete your own challenge and be a pro. You can do it!

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