Bikepacking: Fewer luggage, more fun.

When you are planning a bikepacking trip, there is a golden rule you must never forget: Take only what you REALLY need. It doesn’t matter if you are going out for a weekend or if you are planning a month-long bike vacation. In terms of luggage: less is more.

Bikepacking in the mountains

Here are some useful tips for planning your trip:

1 – Before packing, make a list.

Never start packing until you know exactly what to take with you. Once you have the list ready, check one last time, erase a few items and only then, you can pack!

2 – What you didn’t use until now, you will not use on this trip.

We tend to fill our backpacks with “just in case” stuff.
Remember: each extra item is an extra pound that your legs have to carry.

3 – Do not take anything that you can find on the road.

There are essential things that you must carry on the bicycle, such as: clothes, some tools, a tent or the sleeping bag.
But there are others that it is not necessary to carry them with you all the time.

Tip: if you have doubts, ask yourself: can I find this on the road?

4 – You’re going to ride a bike, not to a fashion show.

When it comes to clothing, take only the essentials. Don’t think about looks, think about comfort and practicality.

Travelling with your bicycle

5 – Always carry a map

If you are going to travel in urban areas with a good Internet network, make sure your phone’s battery is fully charged. And take an extra powerbank in your backpack.
If you are more adventurous and you are going to travel to remote areas, with no Internet access, you have two options:
1 – Bring a paper map. Before GPS, there were also bikepackers.
2 – Download the maps of the areas you are going to visit in your GoogleMaps App or download one of the Apps for travelers: GuruMaps,, Here WeGo, TomTom Go Mobile, etc.

6 – First aid kit

We don’t want anything to happen to us, but if we have an unforeseen event, it is better to be prepared. Carry a first aid kit with medicines and basic supplies to handle a minor emergency: alcohol pads, adhesive bandages, cotton, gauze sponges, pain relievers, soap and water.

A slip or fall can be a simple anecdote or it can ruin your trip if you’re not prepared.

7 – Check your bike before you ride.

Make sure everything works well: the wheels, the gears, the suspension, and above all: the brakes.

It is advisable to spend a few more euros before starting the trip, to leave your bicycle as new.
If you take care of your travel partner, she will take care of you.

Bikepacking equipment – Less is more.

Now you know what to pack for your next bikepacking trip.
Travel light, travel further.

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