Filante SLR: Centro and Willier youngest brother

Filante SLR is one of the most famous road bikes that Willier Triestina could have ever made. The company, which is based in Italy, is renowned for how many bikes they have designed to this date. But with the Filante, they took a step forward in creating a high-end road bike for cyclists. And we’ll see why.

Filante SLR: A new high-end Willier bet

Willier decided to evolve one of their oldest bikes that have been used by professionals all over the world. Coming from the Centro10PRO, considered one of the most aerodynamic and high-end bikes of the company, the Filante is ready to spot a new road bike generation.

The Filante SLR is exceptionally lightweight. It has kept the same aerodynamic structure that Centro used to have years ago. But the Centro is not the only bike Willier took to create a new flagship for the company.

Like the Centro, the company used the Willier 0 SLR to take some of the components and technology we saw. But, what’s the result? A top road bike with an aerodynamic frame and high-end features that are worth analyzing.

Filante SLR
Filante SLR

A deeper look at the newest of Willier bet

As an improved version of what the Willier and Centro were, we can find many of the components they used on those bikes in the Filante.

For example, we can see that the fork tube is no longer beveled, so cyclists get the chance to make some arrangements on the spaces near the handlebar. This allows up to 240 different fitts, which is something that is not likely to be seen.

There is something extraordinary about the Filante SLR, and it is the fact that most of the cables are hidden due to the design they choose for this bike. Everything is managed from the inside.

We can see that the design it’s pretty balanced as well. With different sizes, people will get, and that’s guaranteed, get the same feeling while using the Filante SLR due to all of them being designed to deliver consistent rigidity and handling quality. 

Also, we can see that they added a Mavic Speed Release. The Filante works with the axle system that enables the wheel to be easily removed when needed. But truth be told, Willier doesn’t talk much about the components they use, and maybe that’s their secret formula.

Filante SLR: Thoughts about the frame

For a while, people who have known Willier are used to see quality frames in all the bikes they have on the market. It doesn’t matter which bike it is. They will create a structure that is the ideal match for what they are creating. 

When talking about the Filante SLR, we find that the bike has a mixture of different carbon types, which were also used on the Willier 0 SLR and are added onto this bike. But there’s also an extra, which is the Liquid-Crystal Polymer.

The Liquid-Crystal Polymer is ideal for creating a unique frame. Also, it’s the perfect match for the construction of what Willier wanted for the Filante SLR. With everything, we said before, and now knowing this, we get to see why this bike is considered to be one of the most aerodynamic road bikes of 2021.

Filante SLR
Filante SLR

Filante SLR: Another Willier remarkable bike

As we can expect, Willier is well-known due to how effective they have been when creating bikes. They have been in the market for several years, and they won’t leave it for now, and that’s something good.

The Filante SLR is a bike that will steal people’s looks during 2021 and probably, they will create a bike that will do the same for the next years. After all, Willier won’t disappoint us, and the Filante SLR is solid proof of what we say.

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